PPG Meeting - 18/06/2019

Present: 6 PPG Members and Brenda Nasr (Practice Manager)

Apologies: 5 PPG Members

Guest Speakers:

Marie Curie Helpers

This was the first combined meeting of both PPG's we started with introductions and then Jan started the meeting by explaining the role of the Marie Curie Helpers. This scheme was started approximately 12 years ago. Jan explained how they try and match the Helper to the Patient e.g. likes and dislikes. Many Patients find it really helpful to just chat about everyday things with an independent person. The Helper becomes a friend to the Patient very often able to chat about things they are unable to talk to their relatives about. 

The Patient receives the help for 12 months they also offer some support to the family when the Patient has passed away. The Group feels it is a worthwhile scheme to help Patients when they are most vulnerable.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Maria Spoke to the Group about the role of the CAB, which was introduced a few years ago, to help our most vulnerable Patients to obtain help. CAB initially received funding from Liverpool CCG to work with other Healthcare Providers to ensure they meet the needs of local people and improve services. Some of these people were our most vulnerable, Patients with Mental Health; Homeless, Elderly Patients who would not normally ask for help but try and get on with things. 

CAB on Prescription was introduced and we have referred so many Patients who have received help in all kinds of situations and have been so thankful. CAB has now introduced another service called ways to well-being. This service aim is to support Patients via a referral pathway into an individualised well being plan:

All Advice and Support is Confidential

We discussed our recent Breast Screening Campaign and how we had increased our target, Patients were now becoming more breast aware because of our education workshops.