Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is a Patient Participation Group? 

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of Patients, Carers and GP Practice staff who meet to discuss Practice issues and Patient Experience to help improve the Service.

Since April 2015, it has been a contractual requirement of NHS England for all GP Practices to have a PPG and to make reasonable efforts for this to be representative of the Practice Population.

Purpose of a PPG:

  • To give Patients and Practice staff the opportunity to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest.
  • To provide a means for Patients to become more involved and make suggestions about the healthcare services they receive.
  • To explore issues from Patient complaints and Patient Surveys, contribute to actions plans and help monitor improvements.
  • To contribute feedback to the Practice on National Patient Survey results and Friends and Family Test (FFT) Feedback to propose developments or change.
  • To support health awareness and Patient Education

What should a PPG look like? 

A PPG is open to every patient on the GP Practice list. All Communities, Groups, Genders, Ages, Ethnicities and Disabilities representing the Patient list are encouraged to join. There are no other membership requirements except that Patients must be Registered with the Practice.


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