PPG Meeting - 21/01/2020

Present: 6 PPG Members and Brenda Nasr (Practice Manager)

Apologies: 5 PPG Members

Guest Speakers:


Sanctuary is a local community organisation, dealing with City wide issues and who understand a person's needs. They help create a pathway to recovery and a better way of life for the Person and their Family.

We were pleased to invite Maddie from Sanctuary to give a talk about the Services available. They help people with Drug Addiction and Alcohol Dependency. They also offer free confidential service or families of Substance abusers and Alcohol Dependency.

When staff members are available they arrange Drug awareness talks in local schools in the area. The centre is open Monday to Friday 8:45-16:30. 

Also they are running another programme called Connecting Youth which is a 5 Week programme for Parents and children.

The Brain Charity

This organisation is a National support for all Neurological Conditions. Being diagnosed with a Neurological Condition, or experiencing a Brain injury can sometimes impact on a person's working life.

The Brain Charity has an employment and welfare benefits services that are able to offer help and advice on how thy can support you to stay in work. They can help you to access Government grants which are available to people who need extra support at work. 

Other Services on Offer: 

Social Activities: 

Emotional Support:

Practical Help:

The Brain Charity

Norton Street, Liverpool, L3 8LR

Tel: 0151 298 2999

Email: info@thebraincharity.org.uk

Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00